Hilo Kripto Oyunu

What is Hi-lo card game?

Hi-lo or High Low is a widely popular casino card game, incredibly simple and straightforward to play. It's highly seen in the bitcoin casino space mostly due to the fact that you will be able to verify each bet's legitimacy through seeds and hashes generated randomly, making it a 100% transparent way of gambling.

Being a bitcoin game also allows you to remain anonymous and make your deposits and withdraws be completed faster without the banks bureaucracy holding your money.

Each bet placed can be verified through hashes and seeds generated randomly and are shown publicly so players can be sure their odds are not being manipulated, making it a 100% transparent way of gambling.

Bitcoin dice also allows you to use bitcoin instead of fiat currencies, which not only allows you to remain anonymous but also makes your deposits and withdraws fast without having the bank bureaucracy retaining your funds.

How to play Hilo?

These game principles are simple. You only have to guess if the next card being dealt will be higher or lower than the one being displayed.

The deck of cards range from Ace to King, ace being the lowest and king being the highest, let’s say you have a 9 in the table, if you bet lower your payout will be smaller than if you’d bet higher because there are more cards below 9 than above it.

After the first card is dealt you can either cashout your payout collected or continue to guess the upcoming cards and continuously increase your total payout, the more cards collected on the High Low game, higher your total win is going to be, but, keep in mind that if you wrongly guess the next card, all the payouts collected will be invalid and you lose your bet.

In summary

  • Ace is the lowest card and King is the highest (A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K)
  • The more payouts you collect, higher your total win is
  • You can cashout at any given point after your first card is dealt

If you need additional guidance to play this game, check the simple video we created explaining how to play the Hi-lo game.

Additional information and tips

Some bitcoin high low casinos offer far more options to improve your experience and making it quite easier to guess the next card being dealt, thus, giving players more freedom on how to play the game instead of two basic options.

How to choose a good High Low casino

  • Having the possibility to skip cards
  • Having the option “Same” instead of exclusively Lower or Higher, if the next card dealt is the same, you will still win the payout
  • The casino offers additional bonuses such as Rakeback and wagering contests
  • There is no limit of cards and payouts collected

You can try to use a High Low game strategy to hunt bigger payouts, but keep in mind, there is always some risk associated, make sure you use the Vault to safeguard your winnings.

We, at wolf.bet, offer one of the best Higher and Lower games out there, not only we have the basic options of the game but we also allow players to bet by color (Red or Black) or by digit (2-10) and letter (AJQK). For example, betting the next card being dealt is one color or the other already gives you a 50% win chance no matter the card you have up.

If you’re interested in playing the High Low card game, try out ours. Have fun and happy playing!