Limbo Crypto Game

What is Limbo game?

Limbo is bitcoin game with the intent to aim for payouts and betting they will come up making the player win the payout he aimed for. This game is not as popular as other bitcoin games such as Dice or Hilo, however, it is also one of the most simple games available to play. It is mostly seen in bitcoin casinos thanks to the 100% verifiable seeds and hashes for each bet, making it a 100% provably fair game.

How to play Limbo?

This game’s goal is to hunt payouts, as simple as that, you define a payout you want to win and click bet, if the number coming up is the same or higher than your predefined payout, you win the bet.

For example, by setting the payout to 2x and clicking bet, the payout coming up must be 2x or above for the bet of 2x to be won.

Limbo is that simple, you only have to define a payout, and, either that exact payout comes up or a higher one for the bet to be won, in the case that a higher payout comes up you only win the payout you defined.

Players can win up to 1,000,000 their bet amount, but obviously, higher the payout lower the win chance is, so play moderately.

If you need some additional help to play this game, check this video we created.

Additional information and tips

Some bitcoin casinos may offer you additional tools to play this game, at wolf.bet, you get access to a fully-fledged autobet panel to enhance your experience, this panel allows you to try all sorts of strategies.

Players also need to take into account other features the crypto casino might offer to improve the Limbo game experience, such as

  • Additional bonuses such as Rakeback and Wagering Contests
  • Customizable autobet

At wolf.bet, we also offer a Vault system which allows players to safeguard their winnings and prevent them from using them unintentionally. So go ahead, and try our Limbo game. Have fun and happy playing!