Q&A by – 1st Edition

Q&A by - 1st Edition

Hello everyone! A couple of days ago we launched a Q&A challenge where you could ask us anything about, as a result we launched a video going through the most asked questions.

The people who got their questions answered got $10 worth of balance on our site as a reward for the interest demonstrated.

Question 1 – Where do we see ourselves in the next 1-2 years?

Within this time we plan to already become a fully equipped casino site, more proprietary games, third-party providers and sportsbook are some of those goals on the pipeline. 

Question 2 – Where did you get the wolf concept?

We were just thinking about the animal that is somehow mysterious but still is likeable. Of course, we didn’t want to use any obvious ones like tiger or lion.

Besides Wolves live in a packs which we thought it would be awesome to represent our VIP levels!

Question 3 – Will there be any PVP games in the future?

It’s definitely an interesting question but to be honest, with all of our current goals and ambitions for the upcoming future, PVP games are not a priority.

Question 4 – Will we add third-part video slots on the site?

This one is a big yes, we get this request a lot and it has been on our bucket list for some time now. We just need to finish some features in the meantime before moving into this.

Question 5 – What’s our next important milestone?

It is hard to pick a single one, however, we would say the sportsbook we have been working one will be a giant step to the future of the platform.

Question 6 – Are we planning on adding more cryptocurrencies from different blockchains?

We definitely do, we do plan to add new coins especially the ones that are using their own blockchain.

The recent price spikes on ERC20 tokens show that users are requesting fast and cheap cryptocurrencies to deal with. Which is a request we plan to fulfil.

Question 7 – Are we planning to launch our own token/coin?

In the foreseable future we don’t think about issuing our own token.

Question 8 – Will we add a coin exchanger?

This is by far the most asked question, and while we understand how useful this feature would be there are so many factors and implications for this type of integration that we believe its better to discard this option to our site.

We want to tank everyone who’s been showing interest on our site and future plans and has asked us this interesting questions. We hope this has helped answering some of the most common concerns about our site.

See you in the next one!