5 No Deposit (Free) Crypto Casino Bitcoin Bonuses for 2021

free bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses

There are so many scams in the crypto world that it’s hard to find a trustworthy Bitcoin casino offering truthful no deposit (i.e. free to start with) bonuses in 2021.

We always say that looking into a casino’s reputation is the first step you should take prior to handing your hard-earned crypto to them, and we stand by that.

So, what casinos can you trust that offer a no deposit bonus in 2021? And are these bonuses any good or are they just a way to lure you in? We found 5 that are worth the shot.

No Deposit Bonus #1:’s 7-Day Streak offers a no-deposit Bitcoin bonus at signup and every day thereafter with a “7-Day Streak.” Simply register and activate 2-factor authentication to claim your 1st day.

0.00000090 may not sound like much, but the amount of BTC delivered to you climbs the more you come to the site, granting you a nice Bitcoin base to start with.

For example, your 2nd day already lands you into 3-digit Satoshi realm with 0.00000120 BTC on top of your original 90 Satoshi, meaning you can stack them up day after day.

The best thing is that your 7-day streak isn’t a one-time thing. If you forget logging in one day and come back, you’ll simply have to start from the beginning again.

Use the Bitcoin you win to play at’s acclaimed Dice game with a unique interface and tons of interactive features to discover, including automated rolls and Flashbets.

No Deposit Bonus #2: Fortunejack’s 50 Free Spins

Unlike, Fortunejack offers a more traditional “local” casino style, with slots and simulated tables, allowing you to sign up for a whopping 50 free spins.

There is a catch though… 

You can only use these spins on two random games you are given the choice between at signup. It’s not possible for you to choose the game you want to play with the free spins.

Overall, this free spin offer is the most generous in the crypto casino space considering that this type of promotion tends to generate system abuse which casinos are wary of.

If you’re interested in trying your luck at Fortunejack’s crypto casino games with this free bonus, 2021 may well end up delivering a more satisfying experience than 2020 ever could.

No Deposit Bonus #3: CryptoWild’s Wednesday Spins

A bit different than our first two entries (but still interesting!), CryptoWild offers up to 50 free spins if you show up on Wednesday. It’s a bit arbitrary, but better than nothing.

Most casinos will mask this promotion as a 100% “free” bonus where you actually have to spend on a specific game to gather spins or BTC. CryptoWild is genuinely free.

Just sign up on a Tuesday, play with the interface to learn its settings, and log in the next day to get your bonus. A few free spins can’t hurt anybody, right?

The only problem with CryptoWild is its mixed bag of reviews. Some users call it “simple” but most feel like it’s a good place to start and not necessarily to keep playing at.

As a beginner crypto gambler, you might want to check out CryptoWild’s no deposit bonus. Otherwise, check out any of the other 4 entries below for more advanced users.

No Deposit Bonus #4: BitStarz’s 20 Free Spins

A glorious sight, BitStarz doesn’t try to hide its 100% free bonus from users. When you first load up the “Promotions” tab, it sits right there, ready for you to claim it…

Sure, BitStarz tries to upsell you on their deposit bonuses as well but that’s only fair considering that most other crypto casinos are not even close to this level of transparency.

If you’re the type of player that wants to test things out before shelling out the big bucks, your 20 free spins with BitStarz can help you better understand their offering.

However, it’s also important to note that many Bitcoin casinos offer integrated faucets to use multiple times, effectively doing the same thing as a free spin (if not better).

In our opinion, a free “spin” doesn’t align with the expectations of modern players who want to quantify their wins in real Bitcoin. Nevertheless, giving it a try can’t hurt!

No Deposit Bonus #5: PlayAmo’s Signup Bonus

PlayAmo offers the typical “welcome package” as a no deposit bonus but you can never really know how many spins you’ll get for free as it’s different for each player.

The casino is fairly reputable, and you should receive at least 10 spins. You can obtain more from PlayAmo’s interesting Monday bonus which adds free spins to your top-ups.

Certainly not the best deal out there, and the interface of the casino is fairly outdated. But in the name of providing options, it’s good to have a non-mainstream name in the mix.

Extra Bonus #1: EgoCasino’s Low Deposit Minimums

Since not that many casinos offer no deposit bonuses, you’re only looking at ~5 to choose from. However, EgoCasino has a low barrier to entry for their welcome bonus.

With ~€30 worth of Bitcoin, you can receive a 100% boost and 20 free spins, which is a pretty good proposition. Still, it’s not a free bonus, so we’ve included it as extra in this list.

Extra Bonus #2: BetChain’s Generous Bonus

This last entry also requires a 1st deposit to get spins, with a min. amount that’s fairly low as well (~€50 in Bitcoin » 0.002 BTC). Most other casinos will ask for €100+ worth of BTC.

Considering that the casino is reputable and the games to play on there are worth the shot, 40 free spins a day for 5 days is still a good offer and we’re including it for reference.

All of these bonuses are worth looking into if you want to gain some crypto quickly and move the needle on your Bitcoin wealth. Which one will you choose to start playing in 2021?