Discord Gambling Bots, Here Are 4 of the Most Popular

discord gambling bots

Discord gambling bots are simple apps that Discord server owners can add to their servers, providing additional features to their members, .

Some discord bots are designed to provide moderators with more control over the server, whereas others provide members with a wealth of useful tools, interesting experiences, or fun games to play.

A gambling bot is one example of a Discord bot that can be added into a sever and offer additional features within the server.

Discord, as one of the most popular messaging apps for gamers has grown immensely in both functionality and usefulness since the app first launched in 2015.

As of 2020, Discord now has well over 250 million registered users—and managed to more than double its user base between 2018 and 2019, making it not just the most popular gaming-oriented instant messaging platform but one of the most successful communication apps, period. 

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Discord Gambling Bots Popularity

As gambling is closely related to many forms of gaming, the Discord platform has also found itself a hotbed for punters and players that use the platform to discuss their favorite games, share tips and tricks, having server creatores developing their own discord bot and more.

The huge growth of Discord has also led to the development of the gambling bot type, which allow users to play a range of popular favourite casino games when they join channels running a certain gamble bot. 

If you’re looking for some Discord gambling bots for your channel or would like to try one gamble discord bot for yourself, here are five of the best currently available: 

Bot 1 – Gambling Bot

gambling bot is a discord gambling bot

Gambling Bot is a very popular Discord gamble bot and is currently used on over 100,000 servers.

With Gambling Bot, server users gain access to a whole host of entertaining games, ranging from popular casino games like blackjack, roulette and poker, and slots, to well-known board games like connect 4 and tic tac toe.

an example screen of gambling bot

This discord bot stands out from many other Discord bots in that it allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and DASH using their credits.

However, these cryptocurrencies can only be used within the Gambling Bot games, and cannot be withdrawn to an external wallet or sold. 

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Gambling Bot commands

You can use Gambling Bot with the following list of commands:

+helpHelp command+help
+roulettePlay roulette+roulette [type] [bet]
+crashThe multiplier will climb and you have to stop before it crashes+crash [bet]
+lowerYou have to guess if the generated number is lower+lower [guess] [bet]
+coinflipPlay coinflip with your friends+coinflip @user [bet]
+slotPlay slots+slot [bet]
+pokerPlay video poker with the bot+pokerhelp
+highlowPlay highlow+highlow [bet]
+jackpotPlay jackpot with friends+jackpot help
+horseGuess which horse wins+horse [guess] [bet]
+minesweeperAvoid 2 bombs in the mine field+minesweeper [bet]
+blackjackPlay blackjack+blackjack [bet]
+connect4Play a round of connect 4 with a friend+connect4 [bet]
+tictactoePlay a round of tic tac toe with a friend+tictactoe [bet]
+anagramSolve anagrams with friends. Winner takes all+anagram [bet]
Crypto coinsBuy and sell real crypto coins with credits+crypto
+levelCheck your level progress+levels
+creditsShows your balance and levels+credits
+shopBuy levels and upgrades+shop
+crateOpen crates+crate

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Bot 2 – NightLemur’s CasinoBot

nightlemur's casinobot is a popular discord gabmling bot

When it comes to Discord casino bots, NightLemur’s CasinoBet is one of the best. As its name suggests, the gamble bot was designed by a video game developer known under the alias of NightLemur and offers a wide range of Casino-style games—including 5 card draw poker, texas hold’em, 7 card stud, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slots, and more.

Unlike many other Discord gambling bots, NightLemur’s CasinoBot is updated regularly and a new version is released every few months.

NightLemur gambling bot also operates a Patreon that allows users to gain access to exclusive perks, like custom card decks and extra game modes, among other things. Users can also purchase other deck designs through the gamble bot built-in store using their credits. 

a sample screen of nightlemur's casinobot

Looking for the thrill of playing with real money using a gamble bot?

NightLemur’s CasinoBot might not live up to your expectations since players are only allowed to play with in-game credits. But as far as game variety and fun-factor goes on a gamble bot, NightLemur’s CasinoBot is hard to beat. 

This gambling bot is one of the most flexible gamble bots for server managers, since it has a huge number of features and strong customization potential, helping managers match the bot to the look and feel of their channel.

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NightLemur’s Bot Commands

Those looking for help getting the discord bot up and running can join the NightLemur’s CasinoBot support server, where they can also test out the game features using some of the following commands:

5-Card Draw Poker:

!5cardDraw <ante> <betLimit> <raiseLimit>: Start 5-Card Draw Poker with specified rules.

!5cardDraw tourney: Start a Tournament game of 5-Card Draw Poker.

7-Card Stud:

!7CardStud <ante> <betLimit> <raiseLimit>: Start 7-Card Stud with specified rules.

!7CardStud tourney: Start a Tournament game of 5-Card Draw Poker.

James Bond:

!jamesBond <ante>: Start James Bond with specified rules.

!jamesBond tourney: Start a Tournament game of James Bond.

Texas Hold’Em:

!texasHoldem <ante> <betLimit> <raiseLimit>: Start Texas Hold’Em Poker with specified rules.

!texasHoldem tourney: Start a Tournament game of TexasHold’Em Poker.


!baccarat <bet> <betType>: Start or join a game of Baccarat with <bet> on <betType>.


!bj <bet> or !blackJack <bet>: Start a round of BlackJack.

Bot 3 – CasinoBot

casinobot is a standard gambling bot for discord

If you are looking for a Discord gambling bot with a crisp, professional feel to it, then the little-known CasinoBot is worth taking a look at.

This discord gambling bot hasn’t been around as long as some of the others but it’s already well-developed and has a great range of features for both server managers and users. 

casinobot example screen 1

CasinoBot features unique games that aren’t found in any other discord bot, including “card war”—a simple game similar to the popular card game “war”—which sees players win if they draw a higher card than the dealer.

There’s also a simple wheel spin game (like roulette), and a fun game called “rob”, where players can steal money from other users on the server.

casinobot example screen 2

This gambling bot for Discord is easy to get started with and features a clever economy system that includes daily rewards for using the bot and commands to both rob and reward other players.

CasinoBot can be tested in the CasinoBot support server, where the developer is often on-hand to help with any issues inside the gamble bot.

» Invite CasinoBot to your server

CasinoBot Commands

Some of the main commands used for controlling CasinoBot include:

$bank [mention or not]

–> Shows you your bank balance. Can also be used with $b. If you mention a user it will show their bank balance otherwise it will show yours


–> Get to work. Gives you money when you do. (Use this to reload your balance.)

$rob [member]

–> Stealing time. Allows you to steal balance from another user.

$bet [number 1 – 20] [bet amount]

–> Bet a number from 1 – 20 and hope it lands on your number. Don’t bet too high because you’ll lose your wager if you are wrong.


–> Spin it to win it.


–> Get your daily rewards whenever you use this command.


–> Shows you the marketplace and whatever is available for sale.

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Bot 4 – Gamble Bot

gamble bot is our final choice of gambling bots for discord

Joining the list at position 4 is Gamble Bot, a popular name on the gambling bot list.

Gamble Bot is featured in well over 20,000 different Discord servers, making it one of the most widespread Discord gambling bot there is.

It’s also one of the most unique since it features a variety of creative features like pets and anime waifus (if you’re into that sort of thing).

In terms of game variety, Gamble Bot is up there with some of the best and includes popular casino games like blackjack, cash, roulette, slots, rock paper scissors, and more.

The only thing that’s missing is a dice game but the bot more than makes up for its shortcomings with a huge range of commands, built-in shop, and easy setup.

» Invite Gamble Bot to your server

Gamble Bot commands

The full list of Gamble Bot commands can be found below:

.afkSet AFK status.afk [reason]
.avatarCheck users avatar.avatar @user
.petCheck users @user
.trainUpgrade your pet by training it.train
.breedBreed your own pet.breed
.infoCheck discord guild
.inviteBot invite link.invite
.donateList donator information and perks.donate
.setprefixChange server prefix.prefix [new prefix]
.balanceCheck your wallet and bank balance.balance
.profileView wins/losses/profit and other information.profile @user
.roulettePlay roulette.roulette [bet]
.crashPlay crash.crash [bet]
.fightFun multiplayer game.fight @user [bet]
.slotsPlay slots with a 5x multiplier.slots [bet]
.hourlyClaim $300.hourly
.dailyClaim $2k.daily
.weeklyClaim $50k [DONATOR CMD].weekly
.workRandom amount
.flipPlay bet flip.flip [bet]
.bigflipPlay bet flip (big bets from 1m – 2m) [DONATOR CMD].bigflip [bet]
.blackjackPlay blackjack vs bot.blackjack [bet]
.giveSend users currency (10% tax).give @user [amount]
.robRob users.rob @user
.depositDeposit currency from wallet to bank.deposit [amount]
.withdrawWithdraw currency from bank to wallet.withdraw [amount]
.wagerPlay 1v1 bets against a user.wager @user [amount]
.leaderboardView a list of the richest users.leaderboard
.rpsPlay rock paper scissors against the bot.rps [bet]
.inventoryCheck your current inventory.inventory
.buyBuy items from the item [item id] [amount]
.shopView a list of purchasable
.funView a list of fun
.voteVote for $15k [VOTE STREAK = EXTRA $5k].vote
.claimClaim people as waifus.claim @user
.unclaimUnclaim waifus.unclaim [ID]
.forceunclaimGet yourself unclaimed as a waifu.forceunclaim
.waifuList all your claimed waifus.waifu
.roleList all your claimed waifus.waifu
.kickList all your claimed waifus.waifu
.ban OR .unbanBans and unbans members.ban @user [reason]
.cleanCleans all bot messages and command messages.clean
.warnWarns user.warn @user [reason]
.warningsLists a users warnings.warnings @user
.clearwarningsClears all warnings from a user.clearwarnings @user

Although the various types of a Discord gambling bot are a great way to pass the time, Discord currently doesn’t allow developers to create bots that deal with real money or cryptocurrency.

Because of this, a gambling bot on Discord only allow players to wager with play funds—and selling and trading play funds for real money isn’t allowed.

From Discord Gambling Bots to Real Money

If you want to play using real cryptocurrency and stand the chance to multiply your wager and earn more money, your best bet is to check out a crypto casino.

Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!