3 Best Strategies to Win at Bitcoin Dice Explained [Guide]

Every roll of the dice carries risk — especially when they’re Bitcoin dice.

As the dice tumble, it’s impossible to know which numbers will turn up. But, you can always protect your bankroll by using proven Bitcoin dice strategies.

With the right strategy, you don’t need to win every roll to walk away with more Bitcoin than you started with. Minimizing risk with a strategy is like keeping your gloves up during a boxing match — you’re ready for anything.

However, unlike a boxing match, you can be sure the game isn’t fixed since Bitcoin dice is provably fair owing to its transparent blockchain architecture.

Ready for some real gambling? It’s time to pick out a Bitcoin dice strategy that works for you.

Below, you’ll find detailed explanations of the three best strategies for keeping your winnings safe while increasing your BTC stack.

What Is Bitcoin Dice?

screenshot of bitcoin dice game on wolf.bet

When placing your bets in casinos, did you ever experience the feeling of not being completely sure whether you could trust the casino?

You’re not alone. When you gamble with fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, and GBP, the casino makes all of the rules but doesn’t provide any transparency to show they follow them too.

Bitcoin dice, on the other hand, is both simple to understand and easy to trust because you can audit each roll of the dice yourself.

In Bitcoin dice, you place a bet between the numbers 1 and 100. What’s at stake in your bet is whether the dice will roll over or under your position.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is — and it isn’t.

While the rules are simple, the odds of winning change dramatically depending on where you stake your bet.

The odds of victory are higher if you stake a position closer to the number 50, but the winnings are smaller. Conversely, betting on a long odds position such as the number 5 makes it harder to win, but you’ll rake in the Bitcoin when you do.

So, how do you make the right bet? That’s where an effective Bitcoin dice strategy comes into play.

3 Winning Bitcoin Dice Strategies Fully Explained

Strategy 1: Martingale

martingale bitcoin dice strategy

The Martingale is a time-tested Bitcoin dice strategy that is both elegant in its simplicity and easy to implement regardless of whether you’re a novice or advanced player.

With a history that dates back to the 18th century in France, the Martingale strategy essentially assumes you’ll lose bets, and provides you with a way to recoup those losses.

In a nutshell, using the Martingale boils down to doubling your bet after every loss. The philosophy behind doubling down after each loss is simple — if you win your next bet, you’ll recover your losses and turn a profit to top it all off.

Imagine that you’ve placed a bet at the number 10. Placing your bet here means your odds of winning are 10% — to win, the dice must settle below your number.

The dice roll and land on 24, meaning you’ve just notched your first loss.

Now, you have two options.

  1. You can either place another bet without a strategy at all
  2. Employ the Martingale Bitcoin dice strategy by doubling your bet at a number with odds and a payout that recoup your loss and pay in the green if you win.

Using the Martingale system is attractive for a number of reasons, with the most obvious being you’ll recover your bankroll swiftly and decisively.

However, the Martingale is risky and contains minimal provisions for protecting your bankroll.

If you’re trying to decide whether the Martingale is the right strategy for you, consider whether your approach is about playing quickly or slowly.

If you’re a quick player, you need moves to happen fast whether they’re wins or losses. On the other hand, slow players are more risk-averse and will be less likely to use the Martingale.

Strategy 2: D’Alembert

d'alembert bitcoin dice strategy

Similar to the Martingale, the D’Alembert Bitcoin dice strategy encourages players to:

  1. Increase bet size after a loss
  2. Reduce Bitcoin bet size after a win

Despite the D’Alembert system encouraging an increased bet size after losing, it differs greatly from the Martingale in that it does not double the position — it only increases it by 1x.

In this sense, the D’Alembert approach aims to offset some risk to your bankroll while leaving enough exposure on the table to move aggressively back into the winner’s circle.

On the other hand, if you’re winning, the D’Alembert strategy reduces your bet size by 1x to lock in profits.

Locking in your profits is a key focus of the D’Alembert philosophy. Players often think that the only way to win is to keep risking. However, the best strategy for Bitcoin dice sometimes involves losing small instead of losing it all.

A 1x increase or reduction in bet size may feel microscopic — and it is. You’ll like the D’Alembert strategy if you’re the cautious type who prefers to play a long game with many smaller bets.

If your approach is about winning at all costs using very aggressive Bitcoin bet positions, you won’t find the D’Alembert strategy to your liking.

Strategy 3: Paroli

paroli bitcoin dice strategy

So far, the Martingale and D’Alembert strategies have provided ways of recovering your bankroll from losses while also pushing ahead toward profits when wins happen.

Both strategies, most notably the Martingale, will boost your profits head and shoulders above your starting bankroll if you hit a winning streak from early on. The problem is, you can’t bet on a winning streak since you don’t know when, or if, one will sweep you along.

The Paroli Bitcoin dice strategy is a toolset for taking advantage of win streaks when they come your way. The easy way to understand the Paroli strategy is this:

  1. Imagine you’re betting 1 BTC at a time. You open the first bet and lose.
  2. On your next bet, you bet 1 BTC again. This time, you win.
  3. On your third bet, you double down and bet 2 BTC. If you lose, you’re down 2 BTC, but if you win, you’re up 2 BTC.

The Paroli system moves in three-bet sets and has a total of eight outcomes. The limited amount of outcomes helps you narrow down acceptable odds for your bankroll and gives you a definitive edge when the wins keep coming your way.

There is no perfect Bitcoin dice strategy, but the Paroli does lower your risk significantly compared with the Martingale and D’Alembert strategies. Despite posing fewer risks to your bankroll throughout a game, the Paroli strategy requires wins to keep you in the game — something that goes without saying.

If you have low risk tolerance and a preference for a deeper, more systematic approach, then you will appreciate the Paroli strategy. Even if the dice roll itself is totally random, the Paroli gives you an appreciable degree of control.

Which Is The Best Bitcoin Dice Strategy?

The Martingale, D’Alembert, and Paroli approaches each bring different strengths to your game.

When deciding which amongst them is the best Bitcoin dice strategy for you, consider the type of player you are.

Do you enjoy beating the odds, even if it means throwing caution to the wind in the hopes of a big win? If so, the Martingale strategy suits you best.

Perhaps you’re a cautiously risky player who bets according to feeling, rhythm, and intuition. Despite having a risk-taking side, you also safeguard your bankroll and like to take profits when you’re really up. The D’Alembert strategy is for you.

Players who bet small but more frequently benefit most from the Paroli method. By betting small and frequent games, the Paroli method has time to unfold across a potential winning streak. No matter which Bitcoin dice strategy you choose, remember the golden rule of gambling — have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play Bitcoin dice?

Bitcoin dice is a simple game where you place a bet between the numbers 1 and 100. What’s at stake in your bet is whether the dice will roll over or under your position, with higher earnings for riskier bets.

How do you win Bitcoin dice?

Winning at Bitcoin dice depends on your strategy and, of course, luck. The odds of victory are higher if you stake a position closer to the number 50, but the winnings are smaller.

What are some good Bitcoin dice strategies?

There are three well-known Bitcoin dice strategies: martingale, d’alembert, paroli. You can learn more about each of these strategies in our blog post.

Can strategies be applied automatically?

In some cases, yes. Some casinos offer an autobet mode which allows you to configure the bot exactly like the strategies explained above, sometimes with pre-made templates at your disposal.