How To Leverage Auto Bet in Bitcoin & Crypto Dice

the auto bet feature in bitcoin dice requires strong hardware performance

Playing Bitcoin dice manually is fun and simple if you’re a casual player looking to do a few rolls. But, when your gaming frequency and skills increase, you need a more efficient—and profitable—way to play.

That’s where Bitcoin dice auto bet mode comes in. Betting manually in each round of dice forces you to stay at the screen and play slowly.

Automating your bets instead allows you to win profits from thousands of Bitcoin dice rounds passively played within a few hours.

Below, find out how to take advantage of Bitcoin dice automation, and learn a few of the best strategies to take your autobet game to the next level.

What Is Crypto Dice Autobetting?

Bitcoin dice autobetting is a tool for automating your bets, allowing you to roll quickly. Why would you want to do that?

Because betting manually is time-consuming if your strategy involves turning over a high frequency of dice rolls to uncover winning-streaks. If you’re a strategy-based player, there is little reason for you to personally sit through hundreds—or thousands—of dice rolls.

Bitcoin dice is a game of probability, so losing games is an inevitable part of winning gains. Depending on your strategy and win probability setting, you need to cycle through rolls at a higher or lower frequency to turn over profits.

Metrics & Settings To Look Out For When Autobetting

Automating your bets with an autobet tool or bot lets you input your settings and strategies before running them live over a fixed number of rolls.

Configuring your autobet settings gives you immersive control over key factors that influence your profitability:

  • Bet amount (per roll)
  • Number of rolls
  • Roll under
  • Win probability
  • Payout
  • % increase or decrease after wins or losses
  • Stop on session profit or loss

You can automate intricate default strategies such as the ever-popular Martingale, or implement your custom strategy.

You’ll also find condition blocks that allow you to create if > then settings that go into action when specified conditions arise during the game.

Why Use Crypto Gambling Bots

statistics and graph of auto bet session with dogecoin

Crypto gambling bots automate your Bitcoin dice strategy, saving you time, effort, and money. After you’ve done enough trial and error using manual betting, patterns emerge, and so can winning strategies.

Because Bitcoin dice is a provably fair blockchain-based game, whether you win or lose is not determined by how quickly you roll.

A slow roll and a fast roll will have the same random outcome.

The name of the game is to either have wins outpace losses or win on bigger bets while absorbing more frequent losses.

Since slow and fast rolls have the same outcome, autobetting allows you to accumulate bet volume, increasing exposure to wins and losses.

Once set, a gambling bot running your Bitcoin dice auto bet strategy plays in the background while you work, relax, or switch browser tabs. When all goes to plan, you incrementally earn Bitcoin while doing other things.

A Few Auto Bet Strategies

Bitcoin dice strategies execute clear betting logic to help you earn profits. Luckily, some of the same strategies that work for manual betting also succeed in auto betting:

  • Paroli Strategy: Using the Paroli auto bet strategy is a great way to cash in on winning streaks. First, decide on a base stake amount. The more rolls you’re automating, the lower your base stake should be. Once you notch a win, double the stake. If you hit a winning stream of three wins, stop increasing your stake. Most importantly, if you lose a roll, drop your bet back to your base amount.

  • Martingale Strategy: The Martingale is a popular dice auto bet strategy because of its simplicity. After you lose, double your bet amount on the next bet to recover your losses and put you back in profit. This strategy works best with a large bankroll or a smaller base stake amount to protect you during a potential losing streak.

  • D’Alembert Strategy: Similar to the Martingale but with a profit-protecting twist. To use the D’Alembert strategy in Bitcoin dice auto mode, increase the bet size from your base stake amount after each loss. However, when you win, decrease the bet size to lower bankroll risk.

These are three of the most popular betting strategies and you can start implementing them right away with pre-made templates or you can set them up yourself.

Start Low & Increase Your Bets Over Time

increase dogecoin bet automatically when you lose

Earning passive profits with a gambling bot is best done over time using a progression of increased bets. When you start betting automatically, keep your base stake low at first.

Run a few different strategies, observe how they work, then stick with the ones working best for you. Once you have the hang of it, start incrementally increasing your bet sizes.

There is a misconception that manual betting is for players who like more control, and Bitcoin dice auto bet tools are for players who want more exposure.

The reality is autobet tools help you fine-tune each bet with an array of settings, metrics, and strategies. So, they’re perfect for attaining both control and bet exposure.

If you’re ready to become a high-frequency roller, Bitcoin dice automation tools are the best way to bet and gain more profits faster.