These Are 23 of the Best Ethereum Games Available Today

list of best ethereum games

In the last three years, Ethereum has emerged as the blockchain of choice for decentralized game developers and collectible card games.

The coin’s infrastructure offers several features that make it ideal for developing games—like support for smart contract-based game logic and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which can be used for creating trading cards and unique in-game items. 

Both the number and variety of Ethereum games has exploded, and there are now hundreds of Ethereum games in operation, ranging from simple table games to more complex trading card games, MMOs, RPGs, sandbox games, and so on. 

Though not all Ethereum games are built equal (some are plain lame), here are 23 of the very best that are actually worth trying out.

Ethereum Game 1: Wolf.Bet Dice

screenshot of bitcoin dice game on

The age-old game of Dice is back, but now it’s available to more than ten million ether holders and benefits from provably fair technology to ensure all bets rolled are 100% fair.

Thanks to the benefits of blockchain technology, Ethereum transactions are extremely low cost, near instant, and private. Players can deposit ether and begin wagering in just minutes—with the potential to win up to 9,900x their bet. 

With powerful autoroll features, lightning fast gameplay, and support for multiple cryptocurrencies, Dice is one of the best games to leverage the benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology!

Ethereum Game 2: Axie Infinity

axie evolution ethereum game

Since Axie Infinity was launched in 2018, it has grown to become one of the most popular gaming decentralized applications (DApps) and has now clocked in over 7,000 Axie Infinity NFT holders. 

The game is all about collecting and battling whimsical creatures known as Axies, which can be evolved into more powerful versions, and bred to create new, unique combinations.

These Axies can be traded and sold on the Axie marketplace, and rare or powerful combinations can fetch significant large sums. The most expensive Axie sold to date went for a whopping 150 ETH. 

Ethereum Game 3: CryptoKitties

cryptokitties is a great ethereum game

Arguably the most well-known blockchain-based game, CryptoKitties took the market by storm in November 2017, and quickly became the most popular Ethereum DApp at the time—leading to interest that almost overwhelmed the Ethereum network.

CryptoKitties is a simple game that allows players to purchase and trade adorable kitties over the Ethereum blockchain. These cartoon cats can be bred to produce new combinations that vary based on a dozen ‘cattributes,’ including eye color and pattern, and can sometimes be sold for a handsome price.

CryptoKitties still stands as one of the top Ethereum games to make money with since many of the famous cartoon cats can be sold for a pricely sum.

Ethereum Game 4: Evolution Land

evolution land game

Evolution Land is a rarity among blockchain games, because it’s one of the very first cross-chain compatible DApps. It’s a rapidly growing virtual simulation game that features 26 separate continents, each launched on a different public blockchain.

Evolution Land players can purchase, trade, and sell parcels of land on each of its continents, and can mine for resources beneath that plot (which can then be used to create buildings or props). It’s essentially a city-building game that will feature wars between different continents at a later stage. Right now, there are two continents:

  1. Atlantis on Ethereum, and;
  2. Byzantine on Tron

More locations are yet to be announced.

Ethereum Game 5: The Sandbox

the sandbox is one of the best ethereum game

One of the newer games on this list, The Sandbox is a massively popular Ethereum game that launched in February 2020.

The game provides an immense sandbox environment that players can use to build beautiful creations and contribute to a rapidly expanding metaverse.

Game users can create their own 3D games within The Sandbox with no coding experience, and can also create and sell assets on The Sandbox’s marketplace.

Think Minecraft, but on the blockchain.

Ethereum Game 6: NIFTYMOJI

niftymojis uses emojis as a game

NIFTYMOJI is an emoji-based online game that allows players to battle their MOJI against one another to win rewards in the form of MOJI Experience Points (MEXP). MOJI holders can even participate in team battles to see who comes out on top to win ETH.

Players can level up their MOJIs and unlock additional features as they play, with the potential to unlock dividends rewards by leveling up high enough.

Ethereum Game 7: Gods Unchained

gods unchained ethereum game

Gods Unchained is one of the most popular digital trading card games on Ethereum, and currently has more than 10,000 unique players. 

Like many trading card games, players have complete ownership over their cards and in-game items, and can sell or trade Gods Unchained loot with other players.

Gods Unchained players engage in battles against one another or against a computer to see who has the better deck, using a combination of creatures, relics and spells.

Ethereum Game 8: Sorare

sorare is a football card ethereum game

Sorare is for sports fans. It’s a simple fantasy soccer game that allows players to buy, sell, and trade digital player cards and manage their own virtual soccer team. 

Players build up their dream team by collecting their favorite cards and then participate in tournaments each week to earn their place on the leaderboard. The best teams in each tournament then win prices, which can include rare collectibles and ether.

Ethereum Game 9: Ethverse

ethverse is a cool ethereum game

Ethverse is a DApp that allows players to build their own virtual world by leveraging the power of the Minecraft gaming engine in combination with the Ethereum blockchain.

Players can create and monetize assets and services, and engage in a variety of player-created experiences. The game currently has over 3,000 users and has been one of the top 10 most popular Ethereum games for the last several months.

Ethereum Game 10: MegaCryptoPolis 3D

megacryptopolis ethereum game

MegaCryptoPolis 3D will be immediately familiar to Cities: Skylines and Tropico players as it’s a city-building game (but built on-top of a decentralized blockchain).

Players can buy plots of land in different districts which can in turn be used for creating buildings and participating in the game’s micro economy.

If you’re looking for a game to really sink your teeth into, MegaCryptoPolis 3D might be the perfect fit as it features an intricate economy system that favors the knowledgeable.

Ethereum Game 11: CryptoDozer game

CryptoDozer is a cutesy game that fits squarely within the collectible and trading niche. CryptoDozer players collect DozerDolls and combine them to create Fancy Dolls with different attributes. These can then be sold to other players.

The game features extremely simple and accessible gameplay that is reminiscent of an arcade game, where users play games for Ethereum to win special coins, dolls and items.

It also has a strong skill-based element.


brave frontier heroes is one of many ethereum games

BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES is a game that was formed by the crossover of the wildly successful BRAVE FRONTIER mobile game and the massively popular blockchain game My Crypto Heroes.

Players own a variety of NFTs that represent characters (units) and weapons (spheres) that can be used to build parties to participate in quests and battle other players PvP.

Players that succeed on quests or defeat other players win additional tokens which can be used to improve their party or sold on third-party exchanges.

Ethereum Game 13: My Crypto Heroes

mycryptoheroes ethereum game

My Crypto Heroes briefly held the position of the number one most popular blockchain game, and still remains one of the most popular games to this day.

Like many other Ethereum-based games, My Crypto Heroes is a crypto collectibles game that allows players to battle against one another or participate in quests to win rare items.

Players can participate in tournaments, create and sell custom hero skins, and buy and sell in-game items using the in-game cryptocurrency $GUM.

Ethereum Game 14: ZED

zed run is a horse run ethereum game

ZED is a prominent blockchain-based digital horse racing game that allows users to collect, breed, and trade digital tokens that represent thoroughbred racehorses. 

These horses can be bought, sold, and traded, or they can be used to participate in races. The desirability of a horse is determined by its genotype and blood line, which affect their performance on the racetrack.

Players can build their legacy by breeding and racing their racehorses, but there is a small buy-in fee for those looking to enter their horse into a race.

Ethereum Game 15: Neon District

neon district is a futuristic game

This is a cypherpunk RPG that sees players slug their way through both procedurally generated and story-driven missions to earn a wide variety of in-game NFTs.

As players progress through the gloomy streets of Neon District, they’ll collect an array of items and abilities which can be bought and sold on the marketplace. The game features impressive visuals and artistic flair, and recently launched its Season One Loadout.

Ethereum Game 16: Blockchain Cuties

blockchain cuties ethereum game

Arguably one of the cutest crypto collectible games, Blockchain Cuties lives up to its reputation by allowing players to collect and trade a huge variety of crypto collectible critters, including puppies, bear cubs, cats, and a whole host of other creatures.

Each cutie can be armed, leveled up, and used to participate in battles to win rewards. Rare, unique, and powerful cuties are worth the most on the open market, and some have unique bonuses that make them highly treasured.

Ethereum Game 17: F1 Delta Time

f1 delta time is a crypto racing game

If you’re a car lover, F1 Delta Time might be right up your alley. F1 Delta Time is a new Ethereum-based blockchain game that allows players to collect cars, drivers, trinkets and components, which can be used to create race-ready cars for the Grand Prix.

The game is currently collection-focused but the racing section of the game is under development and will allow players to put their cars and drivers to the test in PvP.

Ethereum Game 18: Crypto Dynasty

cryptodynasty ethereum game

Unlike many of the games listed, Crypto Dynasty is a purely mobile game, and is currently available to download for Android and iOS. The game has both RPG and PvP elements, and is based around players attacking castles and building up their characters.

Players gather materials, build up their castle strength with high-level characters and strong equipment, and unlock better material as they progress through the game.

Ethereum Game 19: Flowerpatch

flowerpatch is a game about marijuana

Flowerpatch is a modern digital farming game that sees players grow their own digital cannabis. The game has a peaceful, melancholic vibe to it, and is one of the more relaxing Ethereum games we’ve found.

For budding psychedelic botanists or avid crypto collectible fans, Flowerpatch allows players to create unique cannabis phenotypes and farm on personalized plots of land.

Players can create their own farms, trade their FLOWER cards, and earn SEED tokens which are used as the backbone of the Flowerpatch in-game economy.

Ethereum Game 20: CryptoSpells

cryptospells is one of the best ethereum games

CryptoSpells is a blockchain-based trading card game with a distinct anime and mystical vibe to it. Like most blockchain TCGs, players have full ownership of their CryptoSpells cards and can buy and sell them on a secondary market. 

Unlike other blockchain games though, you can start playing CryptoSpells for free, and players can create and issue their own custom cards at no cost, producing a potentially lucrative earning opportunity. If anime is your forte, then CryptoSpells is likely one of the best Ethereum games for you.

Ethereum Game 21: Crypto Space Commander (CSC)

csc is a great ethereum game

CSC is a modern space-based sandbox game that allows players to explore different star systems and mine stellar bodies for resources.

The game has fast-paced combat, an extensive crafting system, and an expansive player economy that allows you to buy and sell a range of gear and ships. CSC also features an original soundtrack designed by the renowned composer Chris Tilton.

Ethereum Game 22: Drakons

drakons is a collectible card game

Dragons, strategy, and trading—if that sounds good to you, then Drakons might be just what you are looking for. This is an Ethereum-powered crypto collectible game with a strong strategy element that sees players collect genetically unique Drakons.

These Drakons vary based on several attributes and come in a variety of basic elements, like Air, Fire, and Earth. Drakons can be battled in PvP to help players climb the leaderboard and win lucrative prizes in the Arena. 

Ethereum Game 23: League of Kingdoms

league of kingdoms ethereum game

League of Kingdoms is a blockchain-based MMO strategy game that allows players to build their own kingdom and participate in a self-governing ecosystem that is under the full control of players.

The game features lucrative real estate NFTs (known as LAND) which are used for building kingdoms, and players can wage war with other kingdoms and battle monsters to claim their dominance over the land.

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